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I’m Erik LaPaglia

Consultant – Entrepreneur – Investor

Helping You Get & Keep Real Business Results

Business Done Right

My mission is to provide entrepreneurs and business owners like you with the tools, knowledge and skills you need to build a strong foundation for your business and take it to the next level. I want to make sure that every entrepreneur has access to resources that can help them grow their existing business or get started.

Strategy, Culture, Results.

I believe that business success needs more than a sound plan or a strong culture. Both are required. That is why I am committed to providing you with the tools, information, and support you need to design a successful strategy, establish a strong company culture, and achieve the desired results.

Revenue Enhancements

I find opportunities to optimize existing and identify new revenue sources.

Strategic Partnerships

With my large network in a plethora of industries, anything is possible.

Employee Strategy

Evaluation, retention, and compensation structures with empathy in mind.

Financial Consulting

Meet and exceed your business and personal financial goals.

What is The Process Like?

The business consulting process is divided into four stages of action: identification of needs and opportunities, information gathering and analysis, planning & implementation, and monitoring the results for future action.

Initial Consultation
The first step is to have an initial consultation with you or your management team. I will ask questions to understand your business’s current situation, goals, and challenges.
Once I have a good understanding of your business, I will conduct an assessment of your business’s operations, finances, marketing, and other areas as needed. This can involve reviewing financial statements, conducting market research, and analyzing business processes.
Solution Development
I will work with you or your management team to develop solutions based on the analysis and recommendations. This can involve developing a new business strategy, redesigning business processes, or implementing new marketing tactics.
I will work with the business to implement the recommended solutions. This can involve developing an implementation plan, training staff, and monitoring progress.
Evaluation & Continuous Improvement
Once the solutions have been implemented, I will evaluate their effectiveness. This can involve reviewing KPIs and other metrics to determine if the business is achieving its goals.

About Me

Erik LaPaglia is an angel investor, voracious entrepreneur, and a founder of numerous successful companies in real estate, advertising, film production, consulting and retail. He lends his expertise to businesses ranging from small-sized to Fortune500 in various industries and brings his creative solutions to the forefront.

Erik has an uncanny ability to take on distressed organizations and transform them into healthy and thriving businesses. He excels in helping companies maximize profitability and market potential.

An award-winning marketing and sales veteran, Erik is effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals and key decision makers. His opinions and business judgement are highly valued, trusted and respected.

Erik pairs his passion for business with the commitment to never stop growing. He is Tony Robbins Platinum Partner, member of several prestigious masterminds, Board Member of over half a dozen nonprofits and a world class foodie.


“Erik brings a combination of technical knowledge, onsite real-world experience, and true heart to each of his projects. I look forward to exploring ways that we might be able to collaborate in the future. He is simply the kind of business partner that everyone hopes for.”

“Erik is an excellent arbiter of marketing/communications in regard to helping local businesses reach out to potential clients. He was always extremely professional and pleasant to work with at all times. He would be an assett to any professional organization who is looking to improve their marketability and relevance.”

“Erik was able to bring fresh and innovative solutions to the table that put our organization at the leading edge of service providers in the region.”

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Getting Real Business Results Today!